Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Characteristics of an Empath.

Alright, so I focus a lot on Socios on this website. I love my S, he fascinates me, therefore his condition fascinates me.

But maybe you Empath's want to know what others see you as. Fine.

Here is a pretty comprehensive list. I shudder at the thought of an entire world full of E's. Not because we aren't incredibly loyal and loving...but because someone has to keep us in line. That's where having an S comes in.

If you're an E, how many of these do you match up with?

  • Need for praise and positive affirmation
  • Difficulty leaving a bad relationship.
  • Focus on good memories even when things are no longer good.
  • Compassionate and forgiving towards others but not to self.
  • May tend to romanticize qualities in their partner that don't actually exist
  • Naturally understand the insecurities of others and do whatever necessary to encourage them.
  • Interested overwhelmingly so in the needs of others.
  • Difficulty communicating concerns or issues for fear that you will not be liked.
  • High respect and loyalty for their partners, often ignoring flaws and focusing only on their best qualities
  • You must love someone in order to have sex with them.
  • Unaware of toxic influences and unknowingly welcome them into your life.
  • Interested in long term relationships or soul mates.
  • Extremely loyal and trusting even of those who have proven to be untrustworthy.
  • May put self down in order to compensate for partner's insecurities or shortcomings.
  • Feels the greatest degree of happiness when making others happy.
  • Warmly enthusiastic about animals and children.
  • Fascinated by battles of good vs evil. Justice and truth seekers.
  • Surprising contrast between apparent external submissiveness and actual internal strength
  • You want harmony, love and peace in all situations.
  • Idealistic, romantic, and imaginative
  • Extreme dislike of conflict and criticism.


  1. You've described me with chilling accuracy. Did you find this list somewhere or make it up?

    1. It's a combination of some of my characteristics as well as the characteristics I have seen in friends who are hyper E's.

  2. Beware, this is a sociopath writing this blog to derail victims. These are back handed compliments toward the Empath. Look how much the "love their S."