Monday, July 15, 2013

How to: Hurt a Sociopath

Slow down, this is not a creepy post about how to murder anyone. But if you have the urge to go out and start getting even with the S's in your life, here's a little handy guide.

Disclaimer: You will probably not ever really hurt an S. They will hurt you first. They are smarter, faster and stronger than you could ever hope to be. And you would have ti apply this at just the right moment in order for it to have any bearing at all.

Leave them.

And the only way this will work is if your S is still infatuated with you. If you're past that stage, you're out of luck, unless you think you can bring them back in. And if you can do that, you might just be smarter than I gave you credit for little E's.

Your S needs to be in control of the relationship, so the moment they realize they aren't, it will physically make them feel sick and grasp to keep you. This is where you cannot turn back. Change your #, change your name, move out of state, whatever it takes. But do not re-initiate contact with them.

Otherwise, you've lost the game.

Now, mind you, your S won;t hurt for long. At least not as long as we think they should, so rejoice in your little victory my dears and look out for the next S on the horizon.

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  1. Also referring to this post:

    Beware, this is a sociopath writing this post to derail victims. Notice the blogger says "you empaths" as if they are not one themselves. And says "lovely S's" as if we should love the sociopath. And constantly says that we cannot beat the sociopath. Then, examine the "tips" they gave you, these are all terrible "hurt the person the love most"?? That'll just make the empath look like a jackass, chances are the people they love are not sociopaths and have probably already been hurt by the S.