Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Socios and Prostitutes.

I have a friend, N, who is also a socio, like my S. He and I get each other. He thinks it's amusing that I am a super, hyper sensitive Empath and also charming that I find his socio ways fascinating. We truly get along great.

N is a really attractive guy, he constantly has beautiful women throwing themselves at him and he takes advantage of that as much as possible. N also hooks up with prostitutes. Which I always find interesting with socios, why pay for sex when it is so easy for you to pick up a girl at a bar or a Circle K even? N explains it to me that prostitutes are something you pay for, which dehumanizes them even more and in a sense makes you a god. They have to do what you are paying them to do and you don;t have to fake emotions with them or promise to call later. The deed is done, you pay for what you pay for and get the heck out of there when you've gotten what you wanted.

Makes sense. I completely get it. Not something I would ever want to try, but it makes sense. I know of a lot of women who are devastated when they find out that their socio has been with prostitutes, especially when they are unattractive prostitutes. I say, be glad that your socio isn't investing a ton of time into another relationship. Many socios have a sex addiction, so this is their version of stocking up on cigarettes.

And again, it has nothing to do with you my Empath friends. Nothing at all. It may affect you, but you have to train yourself not to let it bother you. It really has nothing to do with you.

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  1. Thought this post might be about prostitutes *as* sociopaths, esp. the ones who go into it not because they are addicts/trafficked/etc. Many if not most go into it because it's easy money, the "work" isn't really work, and many must get a huge thrill out of collecting $$ for sex. Ss are often hypersexual indeed, and what better way to get your sex fix *and* make lots of money than become a prostitute? Prostitutes also seem to fit the DSM def'n of S, also.