Friday, July 5, 2013

Socios and Anger

From what I can gather, many socios have an issue with anger. It happens quickly but also fades quickly.

My S didn't have a lot of anger issues, he was always charming and most of the time thought it was humorous when we had an argument about something. He knew I would come around to his side eventually, so he wasn't worried.

We did have a couple of instances where he got extremely angry, usually if I was accusing him of something. He hated to be accused of anything, even if i had 100% proof.

He also got over his anger extremely fast. One minute he would be ready to explode and the next he was fully composed and fine again. I always thought this was highly admirable, as I am not able to diffuse my anger that quickly or pull my emotions under control without letting out every bit of frustration that I have.

I understand that many of you have had a different experience with your S. Perhaps he/she was extremely irritable and angry and even threatened you. If that's the case, I would actually have cause to think that your S might not have been a true S and maybe has another personality disorder (or just anger issues) that are going on.

At any rate, if you ever feel or have felt unsafe with your S, don't stay in the situation. You are not strong enough or smart enough to outwit them, and again, they will not change anytime soon.

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