Wednesday, July 3, 2013

How to: Get Over a Sociopath

You sweet little E's, I know you are looking for a way to get over the remarkable S that you lost.

I've been there. And it sucks.

The one thing you should probably face immediately is that you will never really get over them. You will never find anyone better than your beloved S. They become the exact person you want them to be, which is what hooked you in the first place. Their love is like a drug and once it's gone, you will never be the same.

Ok, ok. So you want some help moving on as quickly and as pain free as possible. I know.

Here are a few things you should know.

  1. Them leaving you has absolutely NOTHING to so with you. You didn't do anything wrong, you didn't suddenly change. They did. You became boring to them and your S needed more stimulation.
  2. Realize that the person you love (and loved you) is not real.
  3. Remove them from your life and IF possible, cut off all contact. (I realize that if you have children with this person you may not be able to entirely do this). They do not want to hear from you, see you, spend time with you anymore, and the longer you hang on, the more idiotic you look.
  4. Your S will never fess up to the truth. If you caught them cheating, they will deny it for the rest of their life. Stop expecting them to suddenly come through and tell you everything. You will not get any closure from beloved S.
  5. DO NOT go around sharing every explicit detail of your relationship with your S to other people. You will look like an idiot and your S will still seem smarter.
  6. Remove all remnants of your S. Pictures, gifts, letters, emails, texts. Let them go. These are only reminders of the grand love you lost.
Again, you will never find anyone as wonderful as your captivating S. I would suggest either being alone for the rest of your life or figuring out a way to be somewhat happy with an E like yourself. Although, be warned, they will bore you before too long.

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  1. Although I enjoyed reading your articles there are so many things wrong with your perception on dealing with a sociopath. First I met a sociopath by intuition and I agree that they can have a hold on you mysteriously. I understand how you feel but l wouldn't advise anyone to go through emotional hell only to get little to nothing in return. What will it prove? Just because a sociopath has mental issues does not justify their actions period. Better you than me because not only is it being foolish but being trapped in an emotional illusion.