Sunday, July 7, 2013

My S (part 2)

Fast forward to three years after my sweet, wonderful S left me shattered.

He went to prison.

He had gotten engaged to the same woman he was sleeping with from work during our time apart. We'll call her K. I was devastated. I became very promiscuous during that time (well, promiscuous for me anyway, which was mild). I started reaching out to anyone who would give me attention. I didn't care because my S was gone and life didn't really matter to me anymore with regards to romantic relationships. I knew I would never be happy with anyone else so I resigned myself to that and went on.

I moved out of state and started life over. I made new friends, I found a new boyfriend and actually convinced myself that I loved him and wanted to marry him.

The ex-wife of my S, we'll call her L, contacted me via facebook one night to tell me that my beloved S had gone to prison for three years.

I was stunned. And sad. And also a little relieved. Him being in prison actually made me feel like I could move on fully. That the memory of him would finally leave me alone.

L was happy. She was and is still in a place of revenge with my S. She wants nothing good for him and thrives on his misfortunes. She has kept his children from him and continued to slander him. L has even tried to enlist me a few times, and no matter how angry I could be with my S, I knew that I loved him more than I could ever hate him.

K was devastated too from what I understand. She was just a couple of months from her dream wedding to my S when he was arrested, She never reached out to me, but I knew how she must feel and I pitied her. K never spoke to my S again.

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