Friday, August 2, 2013

Can an Empath be just as bad as a Socio?

Two words: Hell YES.

Here's the thing. I am a tried and true, overly emotional empath. When I get pissed...I get pissed. Especially if I am dealing with someone who has hurt a family member or close friend (or my S). I will literally want to rip your head off and I would feel fully justified in doing so because the other person would be the monster.

Sounds pretty bad right?

Tell me, how is this any different than the malicious acts we accuse Socios of doing?

Don;t get me wrong, I am not in any way condoning murder, rape, etc etc etc. Let's not get Socio's mixed up with Psycho's or any other form of personality disorder. I am talking about harmless, everyday, run of the mill Socio's who enjoy manipulating and conning people who are stupid enough to be conned.

E's lie just as much as an S. We just aren't as good at it. We hide things just as much, but we usually get caught or tell on ourselves. We harm others in the same way, we just find a way to blame our actions on someone else.

Maybe we aren't that much unlike after all. We just feel guiltier and have that pesky remorse to deal with.


  1. "Maybe we aren't that much unlike after all. We just feel guiltier and have that pesky remorse to deal with." This resonates with me, for a long time I used to be a weak Empath that HAD to "help" all the underdogs I came across...after the birth of my daughter and a period of PND I just stopped caring altogether which made me wonder if somehow I had become a Sociapath bwahahah impossible I can understand that intellectually however it just seems that after years of being an emotional dumping ground (at my own allowance) I have given up on "humanity" and have totally withdrawn from all but the most necessary functions and relationships in society....anyway my 2 cents worth. Interesting reading and look forward to more.

  2. What's interesting about your comment is that I too have felt that perhaps I have turned to the dark side (sociopathy) myself. I realize as you did that it's impossible, but after much time with my S, I see things differently. More logically and in some cases subjectively and I've learned how to not deal with things as he has been able to do. To a lesser extent, but it's still there. I can push things aside much easier and wait until I'm in a better frame of mind to handle them.

    Thanks for stopping in. Wish you all the best.