Friday, August 9, 2013

How to: Hurt a Sociopath (part two)

I find it interesting that based off of my trusty little google analytics, my most popular post is How to: Hurt a Sociopath.

I guess a lot of you empaths out there really want to know what you can do to retaliate. I can;t say I blame you. I have musings of that myself, even with a Socio in my life that I love with all my heart and would lay my life down for.

Yeah, I know, I'm pretty screwed up in the head.

I get it. Truly. You have been humiliated, manipulated and lied to. You gave yourself completely and got a fake in return. And now you want to make your S suffer.

Here's what I know from my experience with my darling S:

1. They get angry when you hurt the people they actually care about. Maybe a mother, father, sister, ex girlfriend. There is someone in their lives that they actually do care about. You can usually figure this out because they will try to protect those people from who they are and protect them from you.
2. They hate (and I do mean HATE) confrontation, also known as DRAMA.If you create it, they will get pissed off and probably run further away from you. But, it will piss them off.
3. They don't want to get caught. If your S is doing something illegal, the easiest way for you to get revenge is to turn them in. Sleeping with prostitutes? Call the police, give them evidence. Stealing money from their company? Call the police, the boss, etc etc.

*Something to note with #3, make sure that you really want to go this route because there is no turning back. You will hurt many people in this process and if your S gets slammed with jail time or prison time, you will have to live with the fact that you did it to them. And unlike our lovely S's, we feel guilty about things and they tend to eat us alive.

So there you have it. Some awesome ideas. Use them wisely or not at all. Remember as I mentioned before, your S will probably hurt you more in the long run even if you successfully implement any of these tactics.

Much love to you E's. Keep your head up and choose to either love your S or leave your S.


  1. You cannot love a sociopath once you realise what they are and how they have treat you how can you love them? That is just weird I left my ex socio after finding out he was messing with my feelings and that he was with someone else I'm glad he's out of mine and my boys life we are starting to live well again no drama no tension no lies and deceit we have our peace and happiness back something he will never have !!!

  2. Beware, this is a sociopath writing this post to derail victims. Notice the blogger says "you empaths" as if they are not one themselves. And says "lovely S's" as if we should love the sociopath. And constantly says that we cannot beat the sociopath. Then, examine the "tips" they gave you, these are all terrible "hurt the person the love most"?? That'll just make the empath look like a jackass, chances are the people they love are not sociopaths and have probably already been hurt by the S.